The Baker's Pantry

Our Sof'ella line of Pancake and Waffle Mixes is called Baker's Pantry. It's a fitting name for a line of products that include ingredients like vanilla, pumpkin, oats, banana, berries and even Meyer lemon - ingredients readily found in a baker's pantry.

Many of the actual flavor profiles were suggested by my daughters Sofia and Stella during some of our traditional Sunday morning breakfasts. In fact, I always know its a Sunday morning when I hear my 7 and 5 year-old girls making noises in the kitchen as they combine the baking mix with water, butter and eggs (sometimes, they even include the shells).

Start your mornings with pancakes or waffles from our line of Gourmet, All Natural and Easy-to-Prepare line of Baker's Pantry Mixes. We hope you will make this line, part of your family breakfasts and traditions.